Best Cut Machines for 2020(In my opinion)

Here is top 3 cutting Machine for 2020, in my opinion:

For amateur and serious crafters: Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is a favorite among amateur and serious crafters alike. It connects to your computer, tablet or smartphone through Bluetooth, and it works just as well with Mac and PC or iOS/Android devices. You can also work on the designs while you’re offline. This versatile machine has a Smart Set Dial that senses the material being cut, and it can cut, score or write on more than one hundred difference materials, including cardstock, vinyl, glitter paper and cork. You can make your designs with Cricut’s library of proprietary templates or draw designs yourself.


For serious crafters:  Silhouette Cameo 3

This electronic machine uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your computer, tablet or smartphone. It can cut designs up to 12 inches wide from more than 100 materials, including paper, vinyl, fabric and cardstock. With an impressive 2 mm of clearance, it can also cut through thicker materials, like leather, foam and balsa wood. The machine can hold two cartridges at once, so you can cut and write or emboss at the same time.

For paper Crafters:  Brother CM350, ScanNCut 2

This die cut machine from Brother has a surprising feature: It works as a scanner as well as a cutter, allowing you to create your own designs using art you find from other sources (a child’s drawing, family photos or even something in nature). This gives you virtually endless design possibilities — on top of the 500+ built-in design templates. You can use the machine two different ways: It can connect wirelessly to your computer or tablet to use the proprietary cloud-based software to create your designs, or you can use the touch-screen on the machine to create and edit your designs, without using another device (though you can still save and send it to another device). This machine can cut extra-large sizes, up to 12 inches by 24 inches, and works just as well for quilting fabric as it does for paper.


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