Exciting News!

We've just started a loyality program!


- What it means?

The answer is simple: you earn Points for different actions and turn those points into rewards!

- But how I earn points?

When you place an order, we reward you with 100 points for each 1$ spent; you follow us on Instagram - boom! 50 points.

It's your birthday? Happy birthday, you have 300 points on us!

Give $5, Get $5. Give your friends a $5 referral code and claim your own when they make a purchase. 

and others ...

- What can I do with this points you are speaking off?

points are basically currency, 100 points = 1$. Use the points you collect to buy from our store.

- Tell no more! How can I start?

Sign up to our program, click on the button below and start earning points today. We  are gonna reward you for that also, with 100 points :)


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